Extract Subfiles from Mailbox Files

A Mailbox (MBX) file is a collection of individual emails compiled with RFC 822 and RFC 2045 - 2049 (MIME), and divided by message separators. There are many mail applications that export to an MBX format, such as Eudora Email and Mozilla Thunderbird.

In Eudora MBX files, attachments are inserted as a link and are stored externally from the message. These attachments are not extracted, but the path to the attachment can be accessed by calling the rawname() function on a Subfile object (see The Subfile Class for more information). You can write code to retrieve the attachment based on the returned path.

For MBX files from other clients, KeyView extracts attachments when they are embedded in the message.

The Mailbox (MBX) reader is an advanced feature and is sold and licensed separately. To enable this reader in a KeyView SDK, you must obtain the appropriate license key from HPE. See Update License Information for information on adding a new license key to an existing installation.