Date and Time Formats

This section lists the supported Notes and KeyView date and time formats for use with <format>, <date>, and <date_kv>.

Lotus Notes Date and Time Formats

This section lists supported Lotus Notes date and time formats, and the integer values that specify each one.

Lotus Notes date and time formats

Format Integer Value Description
TDFMT_FULL 0 (The Notes default) Year, month, and day
TDFMT_CPARTIAL 1 Month and day, year if not this year
TDFMT_PARTIAL 2 Month and day
TDFMT_DPARTIAL 3 Year and month
TDFMT_FULL4 4 Four-digit year, month, and day
TDFMT_CPARTIAL4 5 Month and day, four-digit year if not this year
TDFMT_DPARTIAL4 6 Four-digit year and month
TTFMT_FULL 0 (Notes default) Hour, minute, and second
TTFMT_PARTIAL 1 Hour and minute
TZFMT_NEVER 0 (Notes default) All time zones are converted to the current time zone
TZFMT_SOMETIMES 1 Show only when outside the current time zone
TZFMT_ALWAYS 2 Show for all time zones
TSFMT_DATETIME 2 (The Notes default) Date and time
TSFMT_CDATETIME 4 Date and time, or time today or time yesterday

KeyView Date and Time Formats

This section lists KeyView date and time formats. The KeyView formats use the following syntax:


Month = full month name

Mon = abbreviated month name

m = month (number)

mm = two-digit month (leading 0)


Weekday = full weekday name

Wday = abbreviated weekday name


yy = two-digit year

yyyy = four-digit year


d = day (number)

dd = two-digit day (leading 0)


h = 12-hour

H = 24-hour

m = minutes

s = seconds


p = am/pm


_ = space

c = comma

s = slash

a = dash

o = dot

KeyView date and time formats

Format Output Integer Value

12-Hour and 24-Hour Time Formats

KVDTF_P_hmm P h:mm 2
KVDTF_hmm_P h:mm P 3
KVDTF_P_hhmm P hh:mm 4
KVDTF_hhmm_P hh:mm P 5

P h:mm:ss

KVDTF_hmmss_P h:mm:ss P 7
KVDTF_P_hhmmss P hh:mm:ss 8
KVDTF_hhmmss_P hh:mm:ss P 9
KVDTF_Hmm H:mm 10
KVDTF_HHmm HH:mm 11
KVDTF_mmss mm:ss 12
KVDTF_Hmmss H:mm:ss 13
KVDTF_HHmmss HH:mm:ss 14

Numerical Date Formats with Slashes

KVDTF_mmsdd mm/dd 15
KVDTF_msdsyy m/d/yy 16
KVDTF_mmsddsyy mm/dd/yy 17
KVDTF_mmsddsyyyy mm/dd/yyyy 18
KVDTF_ddsmm dd/mm 19
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy dd/mm/yy 20
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_Hmm dd/mm/yy H:mm 21
KVDTF_ddsmm_P_hmm dd/mm P h:mm 22
KVDTF_ddsmm_hmm_P dd/mm h:mm P 23
KVDTF_ddsmm_P_hhmm dd/mm P hh:mm 24
KVDTF_ddsmm_hhmm_P dd/mm hh:mm P 25
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_P_hmm dd/mm/yy P h:mm 26
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_hmm_P dd/mm/yy h:mm P 27
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_P_hmmss dd/mm/yy P h:mm:ss 28
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_hmmss_P dd/mm/yy h:mm:ss P 29
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_P_hhmmss dd/mm/yy P hh:mm:ss 30
KVDTF_ddsmmsyy_hhmmss_P dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss P 31
KVDTF_yysmmsdd_P_hhmmss yy/mm/dd P hh:mm:ss 32
KVDTF_yysmmsdd_hhmmss_P yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss P 33
KVDTF_msdsyy_Hmm m/d/yy H:mm 34
KVDTF_mmsddsyy_Hmm mm/dd/yy H:mm 35
KVDTF_msdsyy_P_hmm m/d/yy P h:mm 36
KVDTF_msdsyy_hmm_P m/d/yy h:mm P 37
KVDTF_mmsddsyy_hmm_P mm/dd/yy h:mm P 38
KVDTF_mmsdd_P_hhmm mm/dd P hh:mm 39
KVDTF_mmsdd_hhmm_P mm/dd hh:mm P 40
KVDTF_mmsddsyy_P_hhmmss mm/dd/yy P hh:mm:ss 41
KVDTF_mmsddsyy_hhmmss_P mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss P 42
KVDTF_msd m/d 43
KVDTF_yysm yy/m 44
KVDTF_yysmm yy/mm 45
KVDTF_yysmsd yy/m/d 46
KVDTF_yysmmsdd yy/mm/dd 47
KVDTF_yyyysmmsdd yyyy/mm/dd 48

Numerical Date Formats with Dashes

KVDTF_ddammayy dd-mm-yy 49
KVDTF_mmadd mm-dd 50
KVDTF_mmayy mm-yy 51
KVDTF_yyammadd yy-mm-dd 52
KVDTF_yyyyammadd yyyy-mm-dd 53
KVDTF_yyyyammaddaHHmmss yyyy-mm-dd-HH:mm:ss 54

Numerical Date Formats with Dots

KVDTF_yyomod yy.m.d 55
KVDTF_yyommodd 56
KVDTF_mod m.d 57
KVDTF_mmodd mm.dd 58

Numerical and String Date Formats with Dashes, Commas, and Spaces

KVDTF_ddaMon dd-Mon 59
KVDTF_daMonayy d-Mon-yy 60
KVDTF_ddaMonayy dd-Mon-yy 61
KVDTF_ddaMonayyyy dd-Mon-yyyy 62
KVDTF_Mon Mon 63
KVDTF_Monayy Mon-yy 64
KVDTF_Monayyyy Mon-yyyy 65
KVDTF_Monaddayy Mon-dd-yy 66
KVDTF_yyammadd_P_hhmmss yy-mm-dd P hh:mm:ss 67
KVDTF_mmadd_P_hhmm mm-dd P hh:mm 68
KVDTF_Mon_yy Mon yy 69
KVDTF_Monc_yy Mon, yy 70
KVDTF_Month Month 71
KVDTF_Monthayy Month-yy 72
KVDTF_Month_yy Month yy 73
KVDTF_Monthc_yy Month, yy 74
KVDTF_Monthayyyy Month-yyyy 75
KVDTF_Month_yyyy Month yyyy 76
KVDTF_Monthc_yyyy Month, yyyy 77
KVDTF_Mon_dc_yyyy Mon d, yyyy 78
KVDTF_d_Monc_yyyy d Mon, yyyy 79
KVDTF_yyyy_Mon_d yyyy Mon d 80
KVDTF_Month_dc_yyyy Month d, yyyy 81
KVDTF_d_Monthc_yyyy d Month, yyyy 82
KVDTF_yyyy_Month_d yyyy Month d 83

Weekday Date Formats

KVDTF_Wday Wday 84
KVDTF_Weekday Weekday 85
KVDTF_Wdayc_Mon_dc_yyyy Wday, Mon d, yyyy 86
KVDTF_Weekdayc_Month_dc_yyyy Weekday, Month d, yyyy 87
KVDTF_Weekdayc_d_Monthc_yyyy Weekday, d Month, yyyy 88