Directory Structure

The following table describes the directories created during the Filter SDK installation. The variable install is the path name of the Filter installation directory (for example,
/usr/autonomy/KeyviewFilterSDK on UNIX, or C:\Program Files\Autonomy\KeyviewFilterSDK on Windows).

The variable OS is the operating system for which the SDK is installed. For example, the bin directory on a standard 32-bit Windows installation would be located at C:\Program Files\Autonomy\KeyviewFilterSDK\WINDOWS\bin.

Installed directory structure

Directory Description
install\OS\bin Contains the libraries, the format detection file formats.ini, the license key file kv.lic, and other supporting files.
install\OS\lib (Solaris installations only) Contains the redistributable library, which is required to run KeyView on Solaris platforms.
install\dotnetapi Contains the source files for the .NET API.
install\dotnetapi\dotnethelp Contains the help for the .NET API.
install\dotnetapi\sample Contains the sample programs for the .NET API.
install\cppapi Contains the source files for the C++ API.
install\cppapi\sample Contains the sample programs for the C++ API.
install\guide Contains the KeyView Filter SDK programming guides in PDF and HTML format.
install\include Contains the header files required for Filter.
install\javaapi\javadoc Contains the Javadoc for the Java API.
install\javaapi\sample Contains the source files and sample programs for the Java API.
install\rel_notes Contains the KeyView Filter SDK Release Notes in PDF format.
install\samples\filter Contains a sample program demonstrating the Filter interface for the C API.
install\samples\filterca Contains a C sample program demonstrating extraction of a content access stream.
install\samples\pdfini Contains the initialization file used to extract custom metadata from PDF documents.
install\samples\tstxtract Contains a C sample program demonstrating the File Extraction interface.
install\samples\utf8sr Contains the source for the sample document reader for UTF-8 files. You can use this to create your own custom document readers.
install\samples\utf8sr\bin Contains the C program filtertest. You can use this program to test your custom document readers. See Develop a Custom Reader.