Support Files

The following support files can be redistributed with your application.

File Description
bentofio.* Required by l123sr and kpprzrdr. Character mappings for Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
chartbls.ux Character mappings.
chmdll.* Required by chmsr.
kppng.* Required for ZLIB decompression.
kvxconfig.ini Contains element extraction settings for XML files.
kvoop.* Required for out-of-process filtering.
kvthread.* Required for multithreaded out-of-process filtering.
kv.lic Contains license information for KeyView products. This file is opened and validated when a KeyView API is used.
MSVCP60.* Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library V6.0.
msvcrt.* Microsoft Visual C Runtime library.
wpmap.* Extended character mapping for WordPerfect and Corel Presentation.
xmlsh.* Contains a library of content handlers for each XML file type. Required by the Expat XML parser.