Core Files

The following core files can be redistributed with your application.

File Description
formats.ini Initialization file. For more information on this file, see Determine Format Support.
FilterDotNet.* Required by .NET API.
KeyViewFilter.* Required by the Java API.
kpifcnvt.* For presentation graphics, converts from one picture format to another.
kpifutil.* Utility for handling the internal picture interchange format for presentation graphics.
kvxtract.* File Extraction API.
kvfilter.* Filter API.
kvolefio.* Embedded OLE object writer.
kvutil.* Internal KeyView utility functions.
kvxpgsa.* Interface between presentation readers and kvfilter. Required to extract metadata from AutoCAD files.
kvxsssa.* Interface between spreadsheet readers and kvfilter.
kvxwpsa.* Interface between word processing readers and kvfilter.
kwad.* File auto-recognition module.
txtcnv.* Converter for document token stream.