UNIX Installation

To install the SDK, use one of the following procedures.

To install the SDK from the graphical interface

To install the SDK from the console

  1. Run the installation program from the console as follows:

    ./KeyViewFilterSDK_VersionNumber_Platform.exe --mode text


    VersionNumber is the product version.
    Platform is the name of the platform.
  2. Read the welcome message and instructions and press Enter.

    The first page of the license agreement is displayed.

  3. Read the license information, pressing Enter to continue through the text. After you finish reading the text, and if you accept the agreement, type Y and press Enter.

    You are asked to choose an installation folder.

  4. Type an absolute path or press Enter to accept the default location.

    You are asked for license information.

  5. At the Company Name prompt, type the company name that was provided when you purchased KeyView, and then press Enter. The company name is case sensitive.

  6. At the License Key prompt, type the license key that was provided when you purchased KeyView, and then press Enter. The license key is a string that contains 31 characters.


    The installation program generates the file install\OS\bin\kv.lic (where install is your chosen installation folder and OS is the name of the operating system platform). The license information is validated when the KeyView API is used. If you do not enter a license key at this step, or if you enter invalid information, the KeyView SDK is installed but the API does not function. When you obtain a valid license key, you can either re-install the KeyView SDK, or manually update the license key file (kv.lic) with the new information. For more information, see License Information.

    The Pre-Installation summary is displayed.

  7. If you are satisfied with the information displayed in the summary, press Enter.

    The SDK is installed.