License Information

During installation, the installation program validates the organization name and license key that you enter, and generates the install/OS/bin/kv.lic file, where install is the directory in which you installed KeyView, and OS is the operating system. This file is opened and validated when the KeyView API is used.

The kv.lic file contains the organization name and the 31-digit license key you specified during installation. The contents of a kv.lic file looks similar to the following:

Company Name

The license key controls whether the following are enabled:

If you change the license key at any time, you must update the licensing information in the kv.lic file. See Update License Information.

Enable Advanced Document Readers

To enable advanced readers in one of the KeyView SDKs, you must obtain an appropriate license key from HPE and update the installed license key with the new information as described in Update License Information.

If you are enabling the MBX reader in an existing installation of Filter, in addition to updating the license key, change the parameter 208=eml to 208=mbx in the formats.ini file.

Update License Information

If you currently have an evaluation version of KeyView and have purchased a full version of the SDK, or you are adding a document reader (for example, the PST reader), you must update the license information that was installed with the original version of the KeyView SDK.

If you installed a full version of KeyView, but did not enter licensing information at the time of installation, you must also update the license information.

To update the information, do one of the following:

To update the KeyView license information

  1. Open the license key file, kv.lic, in a text editor. The file is in the install\OS\bin directory, where install is the directory in which you installed KeyView, and OS is the operating system. The file contains the following text:

  2. Replace the text COMPANY NAME with the company name that appears at the top of the License Key Sheet provided by HPE. Enter the text exactly as it appears in the document.
  3. Replace the characters XXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX with the appropriate license key from the License Key Sheet provided by HPE. The license key is listed in the Key column in the Standalone Products table. The key is a string that contains 31 characters, for example, 2TQD22D-2M6FV66-2KPF23S-2GEM5AB. Enter the characters exactly as they appear in the document, including the dashes, but do not include a leading or trailing space.
  4. The finished kv.lic file looks similar to the following:

  5. Save the kv.lic file.