The following enumerations are defined in the C++ SDK.

Enumeration Description
Encoding An enumeration of character encodings. SeeCoded Character Sets for more information.
Category File type categories (e.g. WordProcessor, Spreadsheet etc.) . These are listed in File Format Detection under File Classes.
Format File formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF etc.). These are listed in File Format and Extension Table.
LogicalPDFDirection This enumeration is used to specify paragraph ordering when filtering a PDF.


The LogicalPDFDirection enumeration includes the following values.

Value Description
raw Unstructured paragraph flow. This is the default behavior.
ltr Paragraphs are output from left to right.
rtl Paragraphs are ouput from right to left. This is most useful for languages with a right-to-left reading order.
automatic The PDF reader determines the paragraph direction for each PDF page, and then sets the direction accordingly.