Extract Subfiles

You can iterate over subfile information using the subfiles method. Each element returned by the iterator contains information about the subfile, and a method to let you extract it if you want to:

auto myinput = keyview::io::InputFile{ std::string("InputFile.zip") };
for (const auto& subfile : KV.subfiles(myinput))
    auto subfile_path = subfile.rawname();
    auto myoutput = keyview::io::OutputFile{ subfile_path };

This very simple example does not account for folders within container files. For a more complete example, see the extract sample program.


The subfiles method actually returns an instance of the keyview::Container class, defined in Keyview_Container.hpp (see The Container Class for more information). This provides access to information about the container, and access to each subfile. Please note that the container maintains a reference to the input file, and so cannot be used after the input file has been destroyed.