Generate an Error Log

You can monitor and debug filtering operations by enabling a detailed error log. This enables you to see errors that are generated at run time, and to track problem files in stream or file mode.


Error logs are not generated when in-process filtering is enabled.

The error log might include the following information:

The following is a sample log file:

-KVOOPE 12 # Time: 11:14:32 # File Len = 68140
-KVOOPE 13 # Time: 11:23:05 # H:\files\WP\Word97\fnldmsa.doc
-KVOOPE  5 # Time: 12:15:54 # H:\files\SS\XL2000\corporate.xsl
-KVOOPE  5 # Time: 12:45:19 # H:\files\WP\WPerf5\wp501.doc
-KVOOPE 12 # Time: 14:25:33 # H:\files\PG\PPoint95\95.ppt
-KVOOPE 26 # Time: 16:26:04 # File Len = 19117568
-KVOOPE 10 # Time: 20:27:40 # File Len = 19117568

You can specify the information that is written to the log file by using either the API or environment variables. To configure a log file for a single filtering session, use environment variables. To configure a log file for all filtering sessions, use the API. Configuring the log file by using the API overrides the same settings in the environment variables. You can also specify additional settings in the formats.ini file.

You can configure the following features of the log file: