Extract Microsoft Excel Formulas

Normally, the actual value of a formula is extracted from an Excel spreadsheet; the formula from which the value is derived is not included in the output. However, KeyView enables you to include the value as well as the formula in the output. For example, if Filter is configured to extract the formula and the formula value, the output might look like this:

245 = SUM(B21:B26)

The calculated value from the cell is 245 and the formula from which the value is derived is SUM(B21:B26).


Depending on the complexity of the formulas, enabling formula extraction might result in slightly slower performance.

To set the extraction option for formulas


where option is one of the following:

Option Description

Extract the formula value only. This is the default.

If formula extraction is enabled, and you want to return to the default, set this option.

1 Extract the formula only.
2 Extract the formula and the formula value.

If a function in a formula is not supported or is invalid, and option 1 or 2 is specified, only the calculated value is extracted. See Extract Microsoft Excel Formulas for a list of supported functions.

When formula extraction is enabled, Filter can extract Microsoft Excel formulas that contain the functions listed in the following table.

Supported Microsoft Excel Functions

=ABS() =ACOS() =AND() =AREAS()
=LINEST() =LN() =LOG() =LOG10()
=MOD() =MONTH() =N() =NA()
=NOT() =NOW() =NPER() =NPV()
=OFFSET() =OR() =PI() =PMT()
=SUM() =SYD() =T() =TAN()