Extract Metadata

When a file format supports metadata, KeyView can extract and process that information. Metadata includes document information fields such as title, author, creation date, and file size. Depending on the file’s format, metadata is referred to in a number of ways: for example, "summary information," "OLE summary information," "file information," and "document properties."

The metadata in mail formats (MSG and EML) and mail stores (PST, NSF, and MBX) is extracted differently than other formats. For information on extracting metadata from these formats, see Extract Mail Metadata.


KeyView can only extract metadata from a document if metadata is defined in the document, and if the document reader can extract metadata for the file format. The section Supported Formats lists the file formats for which metadata can be extracted. KeyView does not generate metadata automatically from the document contents.

The sample program metadata demonstrates how to extract metadata.