Run an Audio Preprocessing Task

You can preprocess audio as a standalone task or as the initial step in other processing tasks. There are four standalone preprocessing tasks available out of the box, corresponding to the four audiopreproc modes.

SpeechSilClassification Classifies segments of audio as speech, non-speech, or music.
ClippingDetection Detects and assesses clipping in an audio file.
SNRCalculation Estimates the SNR levels across an audio file.
DialToneIdentification Detects and identifies dial tones.

To run a standalone audio preprocessing task

For example:


This action uses port 13000 to instruct IDOL Speech Server, which is located on the local machine, to perform the SpeechSilClassification task on the Conference.wav file and write the results to the ConfClassification.ctm file.

This action returns a token. You can use the token to: