Phonetic phrase search is a fast and approximate way of searching for words and phrases. In essence, IDOL Speech Server attempts to look for sections of audio that sound similar to the word or phrase being searched for. Phonetic search is broken into two separate stages:

  1. Analysis of the audio file to create phoneme time tracks. You can combine time tracks from multiple audio files in a single file. This stage is independent of the word or phrase that you want to search for, and is known as the ingestion stage.
  2. When queried for a word or phrase, the phonetic matching engine searches the time track file to identify matching entries, and generates a score for each match. This stage is known as the search stage. It is much faster than the ingestion stage, so you can perform very fast searches after the time track information has been generated.

You can carry out the search in two separate steps (creating the time track file and then searching it) or in a single combined step.