Unload Language Resources

The way in which IDOL Speech Server handles resources depends on whether the resource is manually or automatically loaded. For example, if you load a resource manually, it remains in memory until you explicitly unload it. By contrast, if a language pack is loaded automatically when the task that requires that resource starts, the resource might be automatically unloaded after it is no longer needed.

A loaded language resource is considered active while it is being used by a running task. After that task finishes (and assuming that there are no other running tasks using the same resource), it is considered inactive. If you did not load the resource manually, it might be automatically unloaded. The point at which inactive resources are unloaded is controlled primarily by the minimum resource count settings. You can use the following parameters to set these for the various resource types :

If the number of loaded resources of a particular type exceeds the threshold specified by the parameters above, IDOL Speech Server unloads inactive resources of that type until the threshold is met.

If you set the minimum resource count parameters to 0, IDOL Speech Server always unloads any inactive resources of that type (unless they were manually loaded).

If you set the minimum resource count parameters to -1, IDOL Speech Server sets the threshold to equal the maximum count for that resource. In this case, a resource is only ever unloaded if a different resource (of the same type) is required, but there are no slots available for it.


If you set both the maximum and minimum thresholds for a resource to -1, IDOL Speech Server never unloads loaded resources, and records a warning in the logs when you start the server.

Unload Manually Loaded Resources

You must explicitly unload manually loaded resources. If you use the UnloadLanguage action, IDOL Speech Server does not unload the resource immediately by default, but marks it as unloadable. It is then subject to the same process that applies to automatically loaded resources, as described above.

You can also ensure that IDOL Speech Server unloads the language immediately by setting the Force parameter to True in the UnloadLanguage action.