Sentence Breaking Plug-In

IDOL Speech Server supports the Basis Sentence Breaking plug-in, which is available from the HPE Download Center. The plug-in enables IDOL Speech Server to perform text segmentation on Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Taiwanese Mandarin languages. Text segmentation inserts whitespace between words.


The Basis Sentence Breaking plug-in is available for the following platforms only:

You must install the sentence breaking plug-in to use the SegmentText task and the segmentation function in the LanguageModelBuild task.

To enable text segmentation

  1. Download the 11.5 version of the Basis Sentence Breaking plug-in from the HPE Download Center.
  2. Unzip the plug-in directory and save the files to your desired location.
  3. Open the IDOL Speech Server configuration file (speechserver.cfg) in a text editor.
  4. In the [Paths] section, set the RlpDir parameter to the path of the directory containing the plug-in files.
  5. Save and close the configuration file.
  6. Restart IDOL Speech Server.