IDOL Speech Server Configuration Files

IDOL Speech Server uses two configuration files:


If you installed IDOL Speech Server from the Chef package, these files are named softsoundserver.cfg and softsoundserver-tasks.cfg.

Both configuration files are stored in the IDOL Speech Server installation directory. On Windows, the default directory is C:\Program Files\HewlettPackardEnterprise\IDOLSpeech. You can move the speechserver-tasks.cfg file to another location, but you must update the directory that is specified by the TaskConfigs parameter in the speechserver.cfg file. For more information about this parameter, see the IDOL Speech Server Reference.

You can modify the settings in the configuration files to customize IDOL Speech Server according to your requirements.


The action parameters and file names stored on disk, for example in the configuration file or in file name lists supplied to training modules, must be encoded using UTF-8.