Indicates which general class the currently opened document belongs to. This property is read-only.

The classes are as follows:

1 – Text document (ASCII)

6 – Fax document (FAX)

2 – Word processor document (WP)

7 – Presentation (PG)

3 – Spreadsheet document (SS)

8 – Archive document

4 – Image (Image)

9 – Other

5 – Multimedia document (MM)


The document class is useful to determine whether a specific set of properties is applicable to the currently opened document. The codes specified in the brackets above are prefixes used for all persistent properties specific to that document type.

For example, a multimedia document has a DocumentClass of 5, and the properties MMPlayOption and MMScaleMovie are relevant only to multimedia documents. The value of these properties is ignored for any other kind of document.

The one exception to the above rule is the WPPageLayout property, which is applicable to both text and word processor documents.





The document class (a value of 1 through 9, as described above).