Persistent Properties

Persistent properties are those that can be set in the Properties page at design time. The selected value is stored as a part of your project and used at runtime.

Property Naming Conventions in .NET

In J#, C#, and C++, all ActiveX control method names in the .NET class are the same as their COM counterparts. However, individual properties in .NET are defined using get and set methods of the following format:

set_property name

For example:

private void button1_Click(Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
NOTE: Important: In a Visual Basic .NET application, all properties and methods are used in the same way as in a Visual Basic COM application.

See Develop .NET Applications for more information.

"OPEN" Properties

The "Open" properties (such as OPENWaitUponOpen and OPENMode) apply to the Open method. However, they do not apply to the initial call to the Open method; that is, they do not affect the currently opened document, and apply only to documents opened with subsequent calls to the Open method. These properties are persistent and are available through the Properties page.