The following sample programs are provided for the Viewing API:











HPE recommends that you review the hellovapi program first to help you get started. It is a simple program that demonstrates the basic functions of the Viewing API.

NOTE: Note: The sample programs are Windows applications, not console applications. In other words, they contain a WinMain procedure instead of a main procedure.

Compile the Sample Programs

To compile the sample programs, use the makefile provided in each sample program directory. Make sure that the Viewing include directory is specified in the include path of the project.

After the executables are compiled and built, you must place them in the release subdirectory of each program.

Run the Sample Programs

To run a sample program

  1. Install Viewing SDK.

  2. Run the sample program from the release subdirectory of each sample program.

Viewing SDK Initialization Information

Viewing SDK uses initialization information for its internal operations; for example, to determine which components to load. You can store this information either in the Windows registry or in an initialization file. When you use Viewing SDK you must tell it where to find this information and what form it is in. See View Initialization Information for more information.

hellovapi demonstrates how to use the registry and the kvsdk.ini file.