View Deleted Items and Document Revision Marks

The revision tracking feature in applications—such as Microsoft Word’s Track Changes—marks changes to a document (typically, strikethrough for deleted text and underline for inserted text) and tracks each change by reviewer name and date.

If revision tracking was enabled when changes were made to a document, you can configure Viewing to display the deleted content, revision marks, and revision tracking information in the document. Content that was added to the document is underlined. Content that was deleted from the document is displayed with strikethrough formatting. The name of the reviewer who made the change and the date on which the change was made is displayed in a tooltip when you hover the cursor over the revised text.

To display revision tracking information

  1. Create a TPVAPIOpenDocumentInfo structure.

  2. Set the VAPIDF_FLAGS_INCL_REVISION_MARK flag in the nFlags member of the TPVAPIOpenDocumentInfo structure.

  3. Send VAPI a VAPIM_INIT message with the wParam set to VAPIMWP_INIT_OPEN_DOCUMENT, and the lParam set to the address of the TPVAPIOpenDocumentInfo structure. See VAPIMWP_INIT_OPEN_DOCUMENT for more information.

The View API Demo program demonstrates how to implement the revision mark feature.