Print a Document

The prntdemo sample program demonstrates how to print by using the Viewing API.

To print a document

  1. Open the document. See Open and View a Document.

    To make sure that the entire document is opened before the document is printed, open the document with the bWait member in the TPVAPIOpenDocumentInfo structure set to TRUE.

    To print a document without viewing it, open the document with view mode disabled.

  2. Use the VAPIMWP_PRINT_CANPRINT message to determine whether a document is completely processed and ready for printing.

  3. Optionally, use the VAPIMWP_PRINT_PRINTHEADER message to print the file name, page number, and page length at the top of each page of a printed output.

    Used in conjunction with VAPIMWP_PRINT_PRINTHEADER, the VAPIMWP_PRINT_SETPRINTNAME message replaces the default file name field of the header with another string.

  4. Optionally, use the VAPIMWP_PRINT_PRINTTOPD message to set the standard Windows print options.

  5. Optionally, use the VAPIMWP_PRINT_PAGESETUP message to set print page scaling for a spreadsheet.

  6. Use either the VAPIMWP_PRINT_PRINT message to print by using a common Print dialog box or the VAPIMWP_PRINT_PRINTTOPRINTER message to print to a specific printer without a Print dialog box.