Convert a Document

To convert a document to text, RTF, or HTML

  1. Open the document. See Open and View a Document.

    To make sure that the entire document is opened before the document is saved, open the document with the bWait member in the TPVAPIOpenDocumentInfo structure set to TRUE.

    To save a document without viewing it, open the document with view mode disabled.

  2. Use the VAPIMWP_CANCONVERT message to determine whether the document is completely processed and can be converted.

  3. Use either the VAPIMWP_FILE_SAVEAS message to convert the document through a Save As dialog box or the VAPIM_CONVERT message to convert the document without requiring the user to respond to the Save As dialog box.

    To override the file path that VAPI uses to convert an I/O object to a temporary file when converting an I/O object document, respond to the VAPINMWP_INIT_GETTEMPFILEPATH notification message.

    NOTE: Note: Viewing SDK does not convert PDFs, presentations, container files, or graphics files to text, RTF, or HTML.