Deploy Viewing API Applications

After you have built an application with the Viewing API, you must do the following:

  1. Install all required files to the \bin directory of your application’s installation directory. List of Files Required for Redistribution lists the components that must be redistributed with your application. It also shows the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) associated with each component.

  2. Review the kvsdk.ini file or the install.reg.txt file to make sure that the appropriate files are referenced.

  3. Update the HOME entry in the initialization file or registry file with the complete path to where you are installing Viewing components.

  4. Specify whether you are using an initialization file or registry settings. See View Initialization Information.

  5. If you are using an initialization file, install the file to the location specified by lpszIniFileName when the application is installed. See TPVAPICreateParams .

  6. If you are using the registry file, import the install.reg file into the Windows Registry when the application is installed.