Support Files

The following support files can be redistributed with your application.

File Description
bentofio.dll Required by l123sr.dll and kpprzrdr.dll. Character mappings for Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
chmdll.dll Required by chmsr.dll.
kp3dwrld.dll Required for 3D charts.
kpifcnvt.dll Picture conversion routines.
kpifutil.dll Picture utility routines.
kpjpeg.dll JPEG file interchange format shared routines.
kppng.dll Portable Network Graphics (PNG) utilities.
kv.lic Contains license information for KeyView products. This file is opened and validated when a KeyView API is used.
kvaxcc.dll Required for viewing HTML using Internet Explorer within View API window
kvgraph.dll Required for all spreadsheets (chart support).
kvpageve.dll An alternate viewing engine for Word processing formats.
kvpie.dll Required for all spreadsheets (chart support).

Required for PDF support through the Acrobat plug-in if you use a version of Acrobat Reader earlier than 4.0.

You might have to manually install the Acrobat plug-in nppdf32.dll. This is determined by the browser you use. If you use Netscape, nppdf32.dll installs automatically with Acrobat Reader. However, if you use other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, you must manually install nppdf32.dll into a subdirectory of the Viewing Home directory called plugins. You must then set up the registry or initialization file according to the description for PDF in kvsdk.ini or install.reg.

kvradar.dll Required for all spreadsheet formats (chart support).
kvreg.dll Sheet Registry processing.
kvssvwr.dll Required for all spreadsheet formats.
kvxmlve.dll XML format viewing engine.
kwbase64.dll Required for MIME
wpmap.dll Extended character mapping for WordPerfect and Corel Presentation.
xmlsh.dll Contains a library of content handlers for each XML file type. Required by the Expat XML parser.