Core Files

The following core files can be redistributed with your application.

File Description
chartbls.ux Character mapping tables.
htmcnv.dll HTML converter for the document token stream.
kvarcve.dll Archive format viewing engine.
kvdocve.dll Word processing format viewing engine.
kvmailve.dll Mail format viewing engine.
kvmve.dll Multimedia format viewing engine.
kvpicve.dll Picture format viewing engine.
kvolefio.dll Embedded OLE object reader.
kvsdk.ini Initialization file.
kvutil.dll Utility.
kvvapi.dll Viewing API.
kvwkbve.dll Spreadsheet format viewing engine.
kvxsssa.dll Interface between spreadsheet readers and Viewing API.
kvxtract.dll File Extraction interface for container file support.
kvxwpsa.dll Interface between word processing document readers and Viewing API.
kwad.dll Format detection module.
kwcm.dll Conversion Manager.
kwlm.dll URL Launch Manager.
kwres.dll Resources.