Lotus Notes Database (NSF) Metadata

In addition to the default metadata set, you can extract any Lotus field name that exists in an NSF file by passing the field’s name. (You can extract fields from mail NSF files and non-mail NSF files.) If the name is a valid field in the file, the field is returned. For example, to retrieve the date a document in an NSF file was last accessed, you would pass the string “$LastAccessedDB”.


A complete list of NSF fields are provided in the Lotus Notes file stdnames.h. This header file is available in the Lotus API Toolkit.

Extract NSF-Specific Metadata

To extract specific metadata fields from an NSF file, use the method ExtractGetSubFileMetadata(int extractFileId, int metadataID, string metaDataName) and pass the metadata name to metaNameArray (the string is not case sensitive).

For example, the following code extracts the contents of the Description and Categories fields:

int[] metaIDs = null;
string[] metaDataName = new string[2] {"description", "Categories"};


ExtractSubFileMetadata metadata;
metadata = m_objFilter.ExtractGetSubFileMetadata(extContextId, metaIDs, metaDataName);