Extract Subfiles from Lotus Notes Database Files

A Lotus Notes database is a single file that contains multiple documents called notes. Notes include design notes (such as forms, views, folders, navigators, outlines, pages, framesets, agents, and resources), data document notes, profile document notes, access control list notes, and collection (index) notes. KeyView can extract text items, attachments, and OLE objects from data document notes only. Data document notes include emails, journal entries, discussion threads, documents (Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite), and so on.

All components of a note are prefixed by field names such as “SendTo:”, “Subject:”, and “Body:”. When a note is extracted, the field names are not included in the extracted output; only the field values are extracted.

When a mail message in an NSF file is extracted to disk, the body text and header information— such as the values from the SendTo, From, and DeliveredDate fields—in each message are extracted to a text file. (If you do not want the header information to appear in the message text file, see Exclude Metadata from the Extracted Text File.)


The Lotus Notes Database (NSF) reader is an advanced feature and is sold and licensed separately. To enable this reader in a KeyView SDK, you must obtain the appropriate license key from HPE.