Set the Character Set During Subfile Extraction

You can convert the character set of a subfile at the time the subfile is extracted from the container. This is most often used to set the character set of a mail message’s body text. See Filter PDF Files for more information.

To specify the source and target character set of a subfile

  1. Use the methods of the ExtractSubFileExtractConfig object to set the source and target character set.
  2. Call the ExtractSubFile method of the Filter object and pass in the ExtractSubFileExtractConfig object. For example:

    subFileConfig.FilePath = subInfo.SubFileName;
    subFileConfig.ExtractDirectory = m_extractDir;
    subFileConfig.CreateDirectory = m_createDir;
    subFileConfig.OverWrite = true;
    subFileConfig.ExcludeMailHeader = m_excludeMailHeader;
    subFileConfig.GetFormattedBody = m_getFormattedBody;
    subFileConfig.SourceCharset = m_sourceCharSet;
    subFileConfig.TargetCharset = m_outputCharSet;
    subFileConfig.LittleEndian = m_isLittleEnd == 1 ? true : false;