Extract Custom Metadata from PDF Files

To extract custom metadata from your PDF files, add the custom metadata names to the pdfsr.ini file provided, and copy the modified file to the bin directory. You can then extract metadata as you normally would.

The pdfsr.ini is in the directory samples\pdfini, and has the following structure:

/metadata_tag_name datatype,



total item number

The total number of metadata tags that are listed.


The metadata tag name used in the PDF files.


The data type of the metadata element. The possible types are:

  • KV_String
  • KV_Int4
  • KV_DateTime
  • KV_ClipBoard
  • KV_Bool
  • KV_Unicode
  • KV_IEEE8
  • KV_Other

For example:

/part_number      INT4
/volume           INT4
/purchase_date    DATETIME
/customer         STRING