This structure contains a count of the number of metadata elements extracted from a mail file, and a pointer to the first element of the array of elements. It is initialized by calling fpGetSubFileMetaData(). This structure is defined in kvxtract.h.

typedef struct  tag_KVSubFileMetaData
    int                nElem;
    KVMetadataElem**   ppElem;
    unsigned long      infoFlag;
KVSubFileMetaDataRec, *KVSubFileMetaData;

Member Descriptions

KVStructHeader The KeyView version of the structure. See KVStructHead.
nElem The number of metadata fields contained in the array.
ppElem A pointer to an array of pointers that are the memory addresses of metadata field values in the KVMetadataElem structure.

A bitwise flag that defines additional properties of the extracted metadata. The following flag is available:

KVSubFileMetaInfoFlag_CharsetConverted—Indicates that the metadata’s character set was converted.