This structure contains metadata field values extracted from a mail file. This structure is defined in kvtypes.h.

typedef struct tag_KVMetadataElem
    int              isDataValid;
    int              dataID;
    KVMetadataType   dataType;
    char*            strType;
    void*            data;
    int              dataSize;

Member Descriptions

isDataValid Specifies whether the metadata returned from the API is valid data.
dataID The integer name of the extracted metadata field.
dataType The data type of the metadata field. The types are defined in KVMetadataType in kvtypes.h.
strType A pointer to the string name of the metadata field.

The contents of the metadata field.

If the type member is KVMetadata_Int4 or KVMetadata_Bool, this member contains the actual value. Otherwise, this member is a pointer to the actual value.

KVMetadata_DateTime points to an 8-byte value.

KVMetadata_String and KVMetadata_Unicode point to the beginning of the string that contains the text. The strings are NULL terminated.

KVMetadata_Binary points to the first element of a byte array.

dataSize The byte count of data when the type is KVMetadata_Binary, KVMetadata_Unicode, or KVMetadata_String.