This structure defines the names of the metadata fields to be extracted from a mail file. This structure is defined in kvxtract.h.

typedef struct tag_KVMetaName
    KVMetaNameType    type;
        void         *pname;
        int           iname;
        char         *sname;
KVMetaNameRec, *KVMetaName;

Member Descriptions


The type of metadata name (such as integer or string). The types are defined by the KVMetaNameType enumerated type.


MAPI property names are of type integer.

pname A pointer to a structure defining the metadata fields to be retrieved.
iname The name of a metadata field of type integer.
sname A pointer to the name of a metadata field of type string.


If you specify the MAPI tag name (for example, PR_CONVERSATION_TOPIC), you must include the mapitags.h and mapidefs.h Windows header files, in which PR_CONVERSATION_TOPIC is defined as 0x0070001e.