This structure contains information about a main file that is open for extraction. It is initialized by calling fpGetMainFileInfo(). This structure is defined in kvxtract.h.

typedef struct  tag_KVMainFileInfo
    int             numSubFiles;
    ADDOCINFO       docInfo;
    KVCharSet       charset;
    int             isMSBLSB;
    unsigned long   infoFlag;
KVMainFileInfoRec, *KVMainFileInfo;

Member Descriptions

KVStructHeader The KeyView version of the structure. See KVStructHead.
numSubFiles The number of subfiles in the main file.
docInfo The file’s major format (such as Microsoft Word or Corel Presentation), as defined by the structure ADDOCINFO. See ADDOCINFO.
charset The character set of the main file.
isMSBLSB This flag indicates whether the byte order for Unicode text is Big Endian (MSBLSB) or Little Endian (LSBMSB).

A bitwise flag that provides additional information about the main file. The following flag is available:

KVMainFileInfoFlag_HasContent—The main file contains text that can be filtered. Below are some examples of how this flag is used:

For an MSG file without attachments, numSubFiles is 1 (message body text), and this flag is FALSE because the MSG file itself does not contain text.

For a Zip file with three files, numSubFiles is 3, and this flag is FALSE because a Zip file does not contain text.

For a Microsoft Word file with an embedded OLE object, numSubFiles is 1 (OLE object), and this flag is TRUE (Word file contains text to be filtered).