This enumerated type defines the type of error generated if Filter fails. This enumerated type is defined in kvtypes.h.


typedef enum tag_KVErrorCode
KVERR_Success,             /* 0  Success*/
KVERR_DLLNotFound,         /* 1  DLL or shared library not found*/
KVERR_OutOfCore,           /* 2  memory allocation failure*/
KVERR_processCancelled,    /* 3  fpContinue() returns FALSE*/
KVERR_badInputStream,      /* 4  Invalid/corrupt input stream*/
KVERR_badOutputType,       /* 5  Invalid output type requested*/
KVERR_General,             /* 6  General error....   */
KVERR_FormatNotSupported,  /* 7  Format not supported*/
KVERR_PasswordProtected,   /* 8  File is Password Protected*/
KVERR_ADSNotFound,         /* 9  Adobe Document Server not found*/
KVERR_AutoDetFail,         /* 10 Autodetect error*/
KVERR_AutoDetNoFormat,     /* 11 Unable to detect file format*/
KVERR_ReaderInitError,     /* 12  Error initializing the reader*/
KVERR_NoReader,            /* 13 No reader available for this format*/
KVERR_CreateOutputFileFailed,    /* 14 Unable to create output file*/
KVERR_CreateTempFileFailed,      /* 15 Unable to create temp file*/
KVERR_ErrorWritingToOutputFile,  /* 16 Error writing to output file*/
KVERR_CreateProcessFailed, /* 17 Error creating a child process*/
KVERR_WaitForChildFailed,  /* 18 Wait for child process failed*/
KVERR_ChildTimeOut,        /* 19 Child process hung / timed out*/
KVERR_ArchiveFileNotFound, /* 20 Attempt to extract nonexistent file*/
KVERR_ArchiveFatalError    /* 21 Fatal error processing archive - should abort*/


KVERR_SUCCESS The function completed successfully.
KVERR_DLLNotFound A DLL or shared library was not found.
KVERR_OutOfCore Memory allocation failure.
KVERR_processCancelled The callback function fpContinue() returns FALSE.
KVERR_badInputStream Invalid or corrupt input stream.
KVERR_badOutputType Invalid output is requested.
KVERR_General General error. To return a more detailed message for KVERR_General, call fpGetKvErrorCodeEx().
KVERR_FormatNotSupported The file format is not supported.
KVERR_PasswordProtected The file is encrypted or password-protected. KeyView supports only secure PST files.
KVERR_ADSNotFound Adobe Document Server not found. This error is obsolete.
KVERR_AutoDetFail Autodetect error.
KVERR_AutoDetNoFormat Unable to detect file format.
KVERR_ReaderInitError Error initializing the reader.
KVERR_NoReader No reader is available for this format.

Unable to create output file.

This error is generated if the overwrite flag in KVExtractSubFileArg is FALSE, and a subfile has the same name as a file in the target path.

KVERR_CreateTempFileFailed Unable to create temporary file.
KVERR_ErrorWritingToOutputFile There was an error writing to the output file.
KVERR_CreateProcessFailed There was an errror creating a child process.
KVERR_WaitForChildFailed The wait for child process failed.
KVERR_ChildTimeOut The child process hung or timed out.
KVERR_ArchiveFileNotFound Attempt to extract nonexistent file.
KVERR_ArchiveFatalError A fatal error occurred processing an archive file.