This structure defines configurable arguments to use as the data in the fpFilterConfig() function when you set the KVFLT_SetConfigurableArguments flag to TRUE. The structure is described in kvtypes.h.

Use this structure to control the filtering of hidden data from Microsoft Excel documents. See Filter Hidden Data.

typedef struct _KV_CONFIG_ARG_TAG
    unsigned int       keyID;
    int                keyType;
    KV_CONFIG_DATA     keyData;
    unsigned int       keyDataSize;

Member Descriptions

keyID Determines the kind of configuration flags that you can use as values of keyData. If you use the same keyID more than once, the most recent setting overrides the previous setting.
keyType The type of data for the keyData element. Set to KV_INT32ARG.
keyData KV_CONFIG_DATA is a union defined in kvtypes.h. Only intArg is supported, where the value of intArg is one of the flags in the corresponding keyID.
keyDataSize The size of keyData. This is reserved for future use.