This structure contains the individual metadata elements. The structure is defined in kvtypes.h.

typedef struct tag_KVSumInfoElemEx
    int                    isValid;
    KVSumInfoType          type;
    void                  *data;
    char                  *pcType;

Member Descriptions

isValid Specifies whether the data value is present in the document. The setting 1 specifies that the value is valid and exists. For example, if the "Title" element is not populated in the document, pSummaryInfo.pElem[1].isValid == 0 evaluates to true.
type The data type of the metadata element. The types are defined in KVSumInfoType in kvtypes.h.

The content of the metadata field.

If the type member is KV_Int4, or KV_Bool, this member contains the actual value. Otherwise, this member is a pointer to the actual value.

KV_DateTime and KV_IEEE8 point to an 8-byte value.

KV_String and KV_Unicode point to the beginning of the string that contains the text. KV_Unicode is replaced with KV_String when the UNICODE value has been character mapped to the desired output character set as specified in the call to fpInit().

pcType A pointer to the name of the metadata field.