This structure contains the current KeyView version number, and is the first member of other structures. It enables HPE to modify the structures in future releases, but to maintain backward compatibility. Before you initialize a structure that contains the KVStructHead structure, use the macro KVStructInit to initialize KVStructHead. The structure and macro are defined in kvtypes.h.

typedef struct _KVStructHead
    WORD        version;
    WORD        size;
    DWORD       reserved;
    void        *internal;
KVStructHeadRec, *KVStructHead;

Member Descriptions

version The current KeyView version number. This is a symbolic constant (KeyviewVersion) defined in kvxtract.h. This constant is updated for each KeyView release.
size The size of the KVStructHeadRec.
reserved Reserved for internal use.
internal Reserved for internal use.


KVOpenFileArgRec      openArg;