This structure contains the format, file class, and version number of the source document. The structure is defined in adinfo.h, and is initialized by calling the fpGetDocInfoFile() or fpGetDocInfoStream() functions.

typedef struct
    ENdocClass        eClass;
    ENdocFmt          eFormat;
    long              lVersion; 
    unsigned long     ulAttributes;

Member Descriptions

eClass The file class of the source document (for example, spreadsheet, word processor, or encapsulation format), as defined by the enumerated type ENDocClass in adinfo.h.
eFormat The major format of the source document (for example Microsoft Word XML format or Corel Presentation), as defined by the enumerated type ENdocFmt in adinfo.h. The ENdocFmt type provides a unique ID for each major format.
lVersion The version number of the file format. The number is multiplied by 1,000 (for example, 1.02 is represented by 1020).
ulAttributes Other attributes of the document, as defined by the enumerated type ENdocAttributes in adinfo.h.


When format detection is enhanced in future releases, new format IDs might be added to the ENdocFmt enumerated type. When using this type, your code should ensure binary compatibility with future releases. For example, if you use an array to access format information based on a format ID, your code should check that the format ID is less than Max_Fmt before accessing the data. This ensures that new format codes are detected when you add KeyView binary files from new releases to your existing installation.