Run Filter In Process

By default, Filter runs out of process. However, you can enable in-process filtering through the API or in the formats.ini file. If the type of process is not specified in the formats.ini or in the API, then Filter is run out of process. If the type of process is specified in the formats.ini and in the API, the setting in the API takes precedence.

In the API

To run Filter in process, instantiate the Filter object using the constructor Filter(java.lang.String outputCharSet, long filterFlags), and set the filterFlags argument to FILTERFLAG_INPROCESS.

objFilter = new Filter(outputCharSet, Filter.FILTERFLAG_INPROCESS);

In the formats.ini File

To run Filter in process, set the following parameter in the [FilterSDK_Config] section of the formats.ini file to 1:


By default this is set to 0 (zero), which enables out-of-process filtering.

The formats.ini file is in the directory install\OS\bin, where install is the path name of the Filter installation directory and OS is the name of the operating system.