Report Memory Errors

You can report memory leaks and memory overwrites in the log file by enabling the memory trace system, either by using the API or environment variables. If the memory trace system is enabled, the error messages for memory leaks and memory overwrites (KVError_MemoryLeak and KVError_MemoryOverwrite, respectively) are reported in the log file when they are generated. The error messages are listed in Error Messages.


To report memory overwrites, you must also set a memory guard. See Specify a Memory Guard.

Use the API

To enable or disable the memory trace system in the API, instantiate the Filter object using the constructor Filter(java.lang.String outputCharSet, long filterFlags), and set the filterFlags argument to either FILTERFLAG_OOPMEMTRACEON or FILTERFLAG_OOPMEMTRACEOFF. For example:

objFilter = new Filter(outputCharSet, Filter.FILTERFLAG_OOPMEMTRACE);

Use Environment Variables

To enable the memory trace system, add the KVOOPMT environment variable, and set its value to 1. To disable the memory trace system, do not set the KVOOPMT environment variable .