This function extracts metadata from mail stores, mail messages, and non-mail items in an NSF file. See Extract Mail Metadata.


int (pascal *fpGetSubFileMetaData)  (
			    void                      *pFile, 
			    KVGetSubFileMetaArg        metaArg, 
		    KVSubFileMetaData         *metaData);


pFile The identifier of the file. This is a file handle returned from fpOpenFile().

A pointer to the KVGetSubFileMetaArg structure, which defines metadata tags whose values are retrieved.

Before you initialize the KVGetSubFileMetaArg structure, use the KVStructInit macro to initialize the KVStructHead structure.

metaData A pointer to the KVSubFileMetaData structure, which contains the retrieved metadata values.



When you pass in 0 for metaArg->metaNameCount, and NULL for metaArg->metaNameArray, a set of default metadata is retrieved. See Extract Mail Metadata.

After the metadata is retrieved, call fpFreeStruct() to free the memory allocated by this function.

If a field is repeated in an EML or MBX mail header, the values in each instance of the field are concatenated and returned as one field. The values are separated by five pound signs (#####) as a delimiter.


KVSubFileMetaData  metaData = NULL;


			/* retrieve all the default metadata elements */
			metaArg.metaNameCount = 0;
			metaArg.metaNameArray = NULL;
			metaArg.index = Index;

			error = extractInterface->fpGetSubFileMetaData(pFile,&metaArg,&metaData);

			metaData = NULL;

			/* retrieve specific metadata fields */
			KVMetaName   pName[2];
			KVMetaNameRec names[2];

			names[0].type = KVMetaNameType_Integer;
			names[0].name.iname = KVPR_SUBJECT;

			names[1].type = KVMetaNameType_Integer;
			names[1].name.iname = KVPR_DISPLAY_TO;

			pName[0] = &names[0];
			pName[1] = &names[1];

			metaArg.metaNameCount = 2;
			metaArg.metaNameArray = pName;
			metaArg.index = Index;

			error = extractInterface->fpGetSubFileMetaData (pFile,&metaArg,&metaData);
		metaData = NULL;