Definition of Terms

The following are specialized terms used throughout the guide.


HTML markup that defines both anchors and hyperlinks. An anchor is a named place in a document to which other documents can form a link. Anchors use the HTML anchor tags (<a> </a>) to facilitate navigation within a document.


All source document content (including subheadings) associated with Heading Level 1. Export identifies and/or generates blocks from the input stream for the implementation of the your HTML markup.

block chunk or chunk

All source document content associated with Heading Levels 2 through 6. Chunks are subdivisions of blocks. You can supply specific HTML markup for the different levels of block chunks.


A function optionally supplied by your application and called from the Export API. For example, callbacks allow your application to monitor the progress of the conversion process dynamically.


Transmission of a file’s content between memory and disk in a continuous flow.


The vehicle for conveying specific types of information to and from the API during the conversion process. Tokens are placeholders for markup that appears in the output. See Export Tokens.