Search and Highlight Terms

Using the highlighting API, KeyView can find and highlight specified text strings in the HTML output. Only text strings that exactly match the search term are highlighted. For example, if the term house is specified, the string house would be highlighted in house, houses, and housed, but would not be highlighted in the term housing. You can define the text attributes used to highlight the text (such as bold, red, or underlined), and the text’s target character set.

If a specified term contains HTML code, it is not found. For example, if the phrase weekly schedule was specified, the following string in the output HTML would not be found:

weekly <b>schedule</b>

If you specify multiple terms, and some terms are subsets of other terms, HPE recommends that you specify the superset first. For example,

[“North American car manufacturers” “car manufacturers” “car”]

To specify search terms using the Java API

  1. Create an instance of the HtmlHighlight class and, using the object’s methods, specify the list of terms, the highlighting attributes, and the case-sensitivity Boolean.

  2. Call the setHighlight() method and pass the HtmlHighlight object.