Opening a Technical Support Incident (TSI)

To open a Technical Support Incident (TSI) with Verity’s Technical Support, have your Entity ID number available and ready (or provided in your initial e-mail). Technical Support cannot assist you if you cannot provide a valid Entity ID number. The Entity ID number can be found on your License Key Sheet which was supplied when you received your Verity product. Please try to have as much information as possible ready for the Technical Support Specialist, including

The product you are currently using.


The product’s version number.


What you are having problems with.


Any commands you are running.


For example, if you are having problems indexing with mkvdk, you will need to supply the full mkvdk command you are using. Be prepared to send in your complete set of style files for the collections in question. These files provide important insight on how your collection is built.

If your problem includes a Verity Product that produces error code numbers and messages, please carefully copy the entire error message (be precise with the spelling) and have it ready to send to Technical Support. Often the error number is accompanied by text. The text is generally more important than the actual error number and will often provide a clearer understanding of your problem.

If you are having difficulties searching, you will probably be asked to use rcvdk and/or rck2 to try to replicate the problem. These two tools are quite valuable in tracking down problems related to both indexing and searching. It is to your advantage to become familiar with them. You might also be asked to send in your search templates and/or client search code. If you are having difficulties indexing a particular document, or type of document, you will need to send the documents to the Technical Support Specialist.

In some cases, you will be asked to send your entire collection. This is not uncommon and is sometimes the only way to narrow down a problem. We realize that some clients’ collections are very large, or contain sensitive data, but having the collection locally in Technical Support can be critical to resolving the issues at hand. In these cases Verity will supply instructions for FTPing the collections to Technical Support. If necessary, Tech Support Management can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your sensitive data.

When you open a TSI with Technical Support, your TSI will be given a number. This number is used to track individual cases and will link you with your support specialist. On subsequent phone calls, mention the TSI number to the technician who answers the phone and you will be immediately transferred to your support specialist. If using email, please include the TSI number as part of the subject line. This helps to ensure that the correct technician picks up your email quickly.