Using the Business Console

To use the Business Console, you open a browser and navigate to the Business Console URL. Once there, you click Launch Business Console Client and the Summary window (see Figure 2-12) appears.


Note   Some installations are not licensed for the taxonomy module, and some users may not have permission to access all licensed modules; therefore, your Summary window might not look exactly like Figure 2-12.


The user interface that the Business Console presents to you, and the tasks that you perform, are different for each module.

In the taxonomy module, for example (see Figure 2-13), the window is split into three main areas—one to display the categories of the taxonomy being worked on, one to display source information you can add to the current taxonomy, and one for manipulating information in the taxonomy itself.


As a different example, when using the application module to configure an XML component from the Verity Component Framework (Figure 2-14), the window has two panes—one for displaying the component hierarchy and one for setting component attributes.


Figure 2-14    Configuring a component with the application module