The Business Console interface consists of several separate modules with different purposes. You can access the modules through individual panes in the Business Console Summary window, as shown in Figure 2-12.

Figure 2-12    Business Console Summary window

These are the available modules:

Taxonomy. Use this module to manipulate taxonomies (see About Taxonomies), topics, topic sets, and parametric indexes. You can use the taxonomy module to classify information into categories for more efficient searching


Parametric index. Use this module to create and maintain parametric indexes (see Parametric Indexes). Parametric indexes can refine the selection of documents in a search.


Applications. Use this module to create application components with the Verity Component Framework and configure them to work together as a search or classification application. See Using the Component Framework.


Promotion group. Use this module to define sets of links that should appear in your application’s search results whenever the user enters specific queries. You can create a promotion, such as an advertisement or datasheet, configure the promotion in the Component Framework, and then display the promotions on the results page based on the rules you have set.


Synonym group. Use this module to create and maintain keyword files that your application can use to refine queries by expanding the search to include also synonyms of the user’s search term.


Once you have selected a module, the Business Console interface for that module appears (Figure 2-13). Each module’s interface includes multiple panes for creating and manipulating the module’s data.

Figure 2-13    Taxonomy module interface