Single Sign-On

By integrating with third-party security solutions such as Netegrity SiteMinder, K2 can support single sign-on, in which a user logs in just once to access all repositories for searching, viewing, and indexing. Both basic authentication (submission of user ID and password) and HTML forms-based authentication are supported.

In a SiteMinder single sign-on deployment, K2 observes the underlying security privileges defined by SiteMinder to control whether a document appears in a results list, and whether a user can retrieve it. SiteMinder passes authenticated user information to the K2 Ticket Server, which accepts the users and grants tickets without requiring additional authentication.

Integration with collection-level security is not supported.

For gateway access to documents (for viewing or indexing), K2 can be configured for pre-authentication, in which the gateway accepts all users as being already authenticated, and thus not requiring separate authentication by the gateway.

Integrating K2 with SiteMinder is a complex process, best implemented with the help of Verity Professional Services. The process is described in the Verity K2 Technical Note Integrating Verity K2 With Netegrity SiteMinder.