Multiplatform Installer

On all supported platforms, you use the same executable installation program to install the components of K2. After launching the installer and entering basic information, including license information, you select the type of installation to perform and are then offered the choice of performing either a Full or Custom installation, as shown in Figure 2-4.

Figure 2-4    Select Custom or Full Mode dialog from the K2 installer

A full installation installs all components of K2 (see Installed K2 Components) onto the local host. It creates a single instance each of K2 Broker, K2 Server, and K2 Ticket Server. It also installs a Master Administration Server.


A full installation is appropriate for development purposes or prototyping.

A custom installation installs only the components you choose onto the local host.


A custom installation is required for multimachine installations, such as a large-scale production deployment. In such an installation, you might install K2 Servers and Brokers on many machines. However, you install only one Master Administration Server, and you must install it on the first machine you run the installer on.