Multi-Domain Search Groups

A K2 domain consists of one Master Administration Server and all the K2 services (K2 Ticket Servers, K2 Brokers, K2 Servers, and so on) that are configured by that Master Administration Server. All K2 services are associated with their own administration server. An individual K2 domain typically serves an individual geographic location or an individual department within an organization.

A K2 search group consists of one top-level K2 Broker plus all the other K2 Brokers and K2 Servers attached below it. A search request handled by the top level K2 Broker can be passed to any of the other K2 Brokers and K2 Servers in the search group.

It is possible to set up a distributed search group, in which some servers or brokers in the group are from a different domain. Figure 2-3 illustrates the concept with two domains: one in Tokyo and one in Sydney. The Sydney search group includes all of its local K2 Brokers and K2 Servers, plus one K2 Server in the Tokyo domain.

Use of K2 search groups that span multiple K2 domains gives administrators flexibility in deploying K2 and in handling search requests.

Figure 2-3    A distributed search group that spans two domains